Combinatory Play Series : the don-mon-ster (one)


Combinatory Play Series : the don-mon-ster


I have always been afraid of the guys with the golden bathroom fixtures. I consider golden bathroom fixtures a sign of too much money and not enough ideas, like ‘oh… I don’t know… we have enough… gild everything…but only after we buy up all the environment for business.’

I bought a rubber Trump mask before the election and tried to gain some relief from the impending doom of that 2016 election’s horribly inevitable outcome. The following is a 5D script, read silently or aloud.

Combinatory Play Series : the don-mon-ster (one)

Stand quietly, in a room with a mirror, in front of the mirror, with your feet firmly planted on the ground, maintaining a comfortable posture in a quiet environment, straight back, and eyes closed.

Imagine that you are standing in front of a mirror, in a small room, with low light. Like a bathroom you may know, at night time, with low lighting so that you can see shadows and highlights on your face and skin. Imagine that you are standing there in the low lit bathroom directly in front of the mirror. You are standing in front of the mirror so that you can see yourself. You can see yourself in the mirror smiling back at yourself. Freeze your expression as you are comfortable, with a smile if possible. Open your eyes and look into the mirror.

As you stare at yourself, concentrate on not moving your body or face. Continue to stare at yourself in the mirror, at your face, at the same place, for as long as you can.

There are three stages to this possible dissociative effect, depending on how long you choose to stare at your reflection in the mirror.

The first stage is the recognition that you are staring at yourself, but then your mind begins to search for more information.
The edges of your head and body will begin to blur with your concentration on the area you are staring at.
The second stage involves a sense of fear because the information your brain is receiving is confusing and becoming too difficult to ascertain. You will see the beginning of weird outlines and strange other things that are not a part of what you think is physical reality. The second stage is when what you see is scary enough for most kids and moms leave the room.
If you push through the second stage, and you make yourself stand there for too long, your brain begins to search for truth, for reality. It shifts the lines and shadows of what you can see, and creates the shapes into strange creatures and amalgams of species that can be truly frightening. Your face can appear to be peeling, or of another world, or maybe its bleeding, or maybe there is a monster in the room with you…

As a side note, if you have a dream about someone’s face peeling off, or warping, typically the meaning in waking life is you are dealing with hidden lies.